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    Are you struggling with food cravings, addictions, mood swings, low energy, fatigue, low sex drive or weight loss? Have you been diagnosed with Celiac disease or other disorders and uncertain where to begin to start feeling better? If you answer yes, you owe it to yourself to find out how Nutrition Therapy can benefit you.

    Every Silver Nutrition expert understands the value of scent to the senses - the silver surfer vaporizer is simply the easiest and best way to vapours to you without the need for actually eating the food. This is the newest way to get the food without needing to eat the food. It is so great that it isn't even really something to be considered a "diet" because you are using a vaporizer instead of actually eating the food!

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    Imagine being able to eat absolutely anything you desire - but without a single molecule of food ever passing your lips!!! That means you can save the eating for the stuff that both you and Silver Nutrition are aware of as being the most important of the foods. So, how does this work - surely this is too good to actually be true? After all how can this be achieved - this is very real, it is not magic or homoeopathy. The food is simply placed inside a silver surfer vaporizer and then turned into a gas. The user can then inhale the food - taking in no more than a few molecules of it - thus gaining the experience and the taste but without having to worry about a single calorie or bad element - not even any smoke!
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    Silver Nutrition is a NYC nutritionist providing personal, one-on-one and group counseling to both adults and children with nutrition concerns. Whether you are seeking help for weight loss and improving your diet or would like general information on improving overall health, you will leave your initial appointment with useful knowledge you can implement immediately into your life.

    The best way to use the vaporizer diet is to do it at home – where it is possible to carefully select and dry the food before grinding it an placing it into the chamber of the vaporizer – however, this is not the only way – there are also portable vaporizers that allow you to take this diet out into the wild. Simply pull the gadget out of your pocket and you’re ready to go! Once you have gotten the hand of smoking your food – you’ll be amazed!

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    Is this permitted in public spaces and restaurants? Well, that is an interesting question – and if you did not understand the process by which a vaporizer works then you’d be forgiven for thinking that you are using the vap to BURN the substances inside them – however, the truth is nothing like that – in fact what is happening is that you are doing is turning volatile substances into a gas – there is no oxidation and no burning actually taking place when this happens. The ultimate control is given to the user – by setting a high temperature than it is possible to inhale the scent of every food molecule –but you can also be more selective – particularly if you are using a hi-end bit of kit with a digital control – as opposed to the traditional, analogue versions that require a bit of calibration.

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Silver surfers vaporizer accessories – coz sometimes things break – and the better we maintain them the longer we can expect them to last.


Contact vaporization is the more old fashioned way of creating herbal vapours for nutrition. We’d not suggest it now, but it is worth carrying out an analysis – for no other reason than to see what not to do!

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Keeping a food diary will certainly help you to follow the silver silver surfer nutritional plan – but only if it is kept in an accurate fashion.


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About Silver Nutrition: We are actively campaigning for public health and one of the tool that we consider to be essential in reaching this goal is the vaporizer. The hi-tech nutrition arsenal has a new weapon – silver surfer vaporizers for Silver Nutrition.


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The first service is to yourself – after that you are dedicated to enjoying yourself – so gorge upon the vapours of life.

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Detoxification Questionnaire to fill out and see how you’re going – you may (or may not) need a silver surfer vaporizer treatment to help you keep going after this: