10 Reasons to user the Silver Surfer Vaporizer

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The fact that you have already visited silver nutrition does suggest that you don’t need to be persuaded as to the merits of the silver surfer vaporizer – but just in case here are ten persuasive reasons.

  1. They are sturdy – all glass and aluminium
  2. The whip is long enough o share
  3. The heating element is ceramic
  4. A selection of glass fittings gives you plenty of choices
  5. 36 months of warranty is pretty good!
  6. Ground glass is flavourless
  7. Heating power
  8. Herbal Vaporizers don’t come any cooler than the silver surfer
  9. asy to clean and comes with a pin.
  10. Glass doesn’t get too hot

Has the silver nutritionist persuaded you yet about the merrits if the silver surfer?

once you understand the imposrtance of the nutrition contained within the herbs then it becomes a lot easier to understand the importance of vaporizing them rather than simply ingesting of smoking herbs.

The tight network of capillaries within you lungs/nose allow the delicate medicinal qualities of the herbs get to exactly where they are needed undamaged (at least as long as the vaporizer has an accurate temperature control)


If not maybe this will help

Achieving good health should be a fun and joyous experience as one learns more and more delicious foods to eat and enjoy, opening up ones’ palate and diet for pleasure.

As a nutrition therapist, I believe that the body is often innately able to heal itself when given the proper nutrition from nutrient dense whole foods. Genuine healing takes time and commitment and is not a quick fix. By adding more food choices to your diet you naturally eliminate the craving for unhealthy foods. Using whole, organic non- GMO foods is our best medicine. I believe that health is a process, and a life-long goal that is achieved with balance. Often there is a need for targeted, quality nutritional supplements to achieve optimum health. There are many reasons for this such as the lack of nutrients in our food today, along with long term nutrient deficiencies such as Celiac Disease, diabetes, IBS, Crohn’s Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Osteoporosis. I offer a strong knowledge of how to use professional grade supplementation successfully tailored to the individual.

If you are uncertain what you need to get on track with your health goals, let me assist you. Together we can assess where you are, where you would like to go, and then how you can get there realistically, step by step. I am happy to work with your primary care physician, providing session notes as requested. Often our primary care physicians do not have the time to get to know us and our entire history. This can be valuable information to an M.D. who is open to nutritional support for their patients.