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We have the support for you to use the vaporizer diet without the need to fell that no one understands you. The first service that we offer is the instructions in actually using the equipment. This might sound simple at first – but every vaporizer is slightly different and every food item is a complex affair – a mix of volatile and non-volatile substances.

You need to be able to not only set the vaporizers to the correct temperature to get the most out of them – but also you need to be able to decide what temperature is the one that you actually need. So the other service that we offer at silver nutrition is very close to the idea of food-science. It is about thinking of food not simply as something to eat but as a complex combinations of molecules and groups of molecules – each one with its own aspects and subtleties that need to be understood and then exploited.

food molecule


What is Nutrition Therapy?

Nutrition Therapy is combination of the two aspects of healthy eating – the food part and then the emotional part. While the first few sessions will be about what you are eating and how to make changes that will balance your metabolism and help control cravings, subsequent sessions will address the emotional aspects, such as your relationship to food. It is a journey but probably one of the best ones you will ever take because as you begin to master your health and eating, and gain the confidence and results, you will likely see a positive impact in other areas of your life.

Private Nutrition Counseling
I provide individual nutritional consulting for individuals with anything from general health issues to chronic illness, and to anyone wishing to positively enhance their quality of life!

Cleanse / Detox
Regular cleansing and detoxification is one of the pillars of lasting good health. Learn how to cleanse your system of toxins accumulated through poor diet and environmental toxins. Feeling run down and fatigued? Catching every cold and flu that comes around? Suffering from back or joint pain? You might want to consider detoxification using therapeutic nutrition.

Weight Loss Program
Diets don’t work. Healthy eating plans do. Learn what foods and habits can contribute to a healthy, vibrant metabolism and how some popular “diet foods” can sabotage the best intentioned weight loss program. Stop dieting and begin managing your weight naturally.

Food Allergy
The health and integrity of the gastrointestinal tract is intimately linked to diet and nutrition. Through diet modifications you can get relief from bloating, gas, and constipation.