silver surfer vaporizer temperature

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The silver nutrition expertise really helps you understand how to get the correct silver surfer vaporizer temperature.

silver surfer temperature

silver surfer temperature

But it all depends what herbs you are trying to vaporizer – and even if you have the specifics of that then it really makes a difference how hot/cold you need to be at.

Nominally, the the correct temperature is going to be about half of what could be considered the max. So set the nob about 50%.

At this point it is worth noting that there are no actual temperature settings with specific degree marks – this puts some people off the idea, but actually this hides the fact that other vaporizers are so poorly calibrated that the numbers are meaningless anyway – they lead to careless vaporizing and a false sense of security for the user.

With the silver surfer vaporizer then to find the correct temperature then we suggest that you set the dial half way, give it a few minutes to heat up and the draw – if it fees about right – you’ve hit the mark – otherwise increase be degrees that seem to be about the same as hours on a clock – each time give it a minute to see he effect.

Also note that the temperature will decrease as you draw – this pulls cold air over the heating element – so you’ll really have to figure out what works best for each individual user.

I know that this is very much a suck-it-and-see approach but you’ll get to know how it works for you… good luck from Silver Nutrition!